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Our Story

It's the age old story about a boy and his dog. We built our first sophie-martini-thumbnail.jpgdog house for our english bull terrier Sophie. We wanted to create a space for her in our home that she could enjoy, and that we could enjoy with her. The space needed to be special and worthy of her regal stature and gentle nature. We wanted it to place prominently in our home to show the love and respect we shared for our canine family member. Admittedly, we wanted it to compliment our decor, to replace the unsightly crate, and to be something of a conversation piece whenever guests came over. 

new-saltbox.jpegThe inspiration was a magazine image of an old abandoned stone structure, one that you might have found in the english countryside where Sophie's breed has its origins. The design kept her comfort foremost in consideration, but also introduced some fun elements as well. The chimney that doubled as a cookie chute was an instant hit with our food focused bully. The built in toy storage gave us a place to keep her things when we wanted to tidy up and get her play toys out from underfoot. The built-in lighting served a function, but it also added a stylish nightlite element to our room. 

Now, after several years of enjoyment and a multitude of compliments, we've decided to bring our concept to market so that others can enjoy them with their pets as well.