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Dogmestic Indoor Doghouses are an investment worth making in your canine family member. Our dog houses are furniture quality, solid wood constructions that are meant to last the life of your dog and for generations to follow. They are a welcome replacement for the dog crate that many dog owners find necessary, but never truly fits in with your home furnishings.

Our dog houses are designed so that when fully-assembled they are rugged enough to stand up to the most active dogs. They can also be easily broken down for moving or access for cleaning.

Dogmestic Indoor Doghouses are proudly manufactured in the USA.

Functional and Fun!

Your dog has an ancestral calling for a den-like home that is safe and exclusively his or her space.  A spot that she or he doesn't have to worry about protecting territory and can rest and be off-guard.

Dogmestic Indoor Doghouses are built to last with sturdy construction and innovative designs. When needed they serve the same function as a dog crate or pet container, but they do it in a space that you and your dog will love. Worried about how much space you'll have to give up in order to fit a dog house in your home? Visit our dimensions page and see how Dogmestic designs take up no more space than the average dog crate.

Our dog houses feature lockable solid wood doors, aluminum window grating, and generous space for movement inside. Openings in the doors and windows provide ample airflow. All dog houses come with lighting that illuminates the interior of the crate and provides an attractive decorative lighting in your home setting.

We use durable, low VOC paints that are safe for the environment and for your pet.  All dog house surfaces are washable for easy cleaning.

Our dog houses are fun for both your canine family member and for you. The built-in cookie chute disguised within the chimney is a key feature in acclimating your dog to the space and with reinforcing it as a safe space. The chute also works for small toys for those dogs with a stronger play drive! The built-in toy storage helps you keep your pets toys under control and close at hand for him or her.